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OVERVIEW OF LOVETT'S PROGRAMS For Schools prek-12th grade ,Literacy Nights,Social Events,Evening School Events, Story Slams for High Schools and Story Slams and workshops for Adult Programming.

Literacy Nights
Storyteller Andrea Lovett brings magic to her storytelling audiences with words that awaken the imagination and invite listeners to travel along with her. It has been said children lucky enough to have the listening experience of a storyteller will increase their literacy skills by enhancing their vocabulary, sequencing abilities ,critical thinking skills all while discovering the natural rhythms and patterns within stories . Andrea brings along selected books that she has worked up with an oral component and invites the audience to participate in the natural rhythms and patterns of stories.   She includes songs and rhymes for fun and participatory purposes. Andrea  presents the books to the audience at the end of each story and reminds them these stories and others like them   can be found in a library.  
Andrea Lovett as quoted in the Winchester Star Newspaper for The Muraco School Literacy Program

“Students take in more vocabulary and complicated concepts through oral tradition,” explained Lovett. “Oral narrative is their first language.”Andrea quoted in WInchester Star,Winchester,Mass. 
Literacy Tip
  • Readwithfuninyourvoice.
    Read to your child with humor and expression.
    Use different voices. Ham it up! 
 Nature Based Tales
Butterflies,rain forests, tales of hibernation are just a few of the original stories with curriculum base in science. story samples;
"A Garden Of Miracles" Young listeners are always amazed when they see two children turn into caterpiller's (puppets) and are transformed into butterflies right before their eyes.
"Fred" (puppet) Fred has been around for many years telling children wild tales , in fact Andrea is always hesitant to bring him out as she has trouble getting him to go back to bed. An old favorite and much requested friend with this age group.
Suggested age Pre-k through grades 3


Stories that reflect the seasons and the holidays. Many originals for Pre- k though 6

Early Childhood Program
Folktales from around the world with an appreciation for customs, traditions and diversity. For all ages.Drums,flutes ,rhythms and songs are all part of the tales
sample groupings of tales
Rainforests Tales, Stories From America's Borders, Tales with Lessons, Tricksters, Peace Tales,Tales from the regions of the world, Africa, South America, Asia, North America, Middle Eastern Tales, Tales From Australia, Hawaii, Artic, The Islands, etc.

 These stories are timeless and enjoyed by all ages

Ancient stories from around the world come to life again with Andrea's words.
Including Greek Myths, Norse Myths and Asian Legends . All Ages

Heroes and heroines come in all shapes and sizes ,sometimes in the most unsuspecting characters. All ages

Mary O'Keefee leaves behind the family and country she loves to find streets paved of gold.
Grade 2 through Adult

Evening Programs Designed with your school in mind. 

Historic Tales (appealing to all ages)
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Abagail and Lottie
Abagail Ward discovers someone hiding in the basement of her father's church who changes her life.( A Tale of the Underground Rail Road).

The Cobbler's Daughter
Elizabeth Morgan Hunt discovers secret messages hidden in the heels of the shoes her father repairs. These clues lead her to a tea party in Boston's Harbor.

A Journey Through Time
The year is 1620, the ones that call themselves "the Saints" are about to embark on a journey few men have traveled before to "The New World".

Kate O'Malley
The story of Peabody,Massachusetts leather industry told through the eyes of one immigrant family
"You can be born,marry,have your children and be buried all within the space of a few streets", from Kate O'Malley . (Adults and High School)

Lydia Parsons
1913 Lydia Parsons takes a walk throughout the village she grew up in "Lynnfield"

"Spintress Windsor" NEW!
Spintress Windsor spins yarns from the early 1700's Her favorite tale is about a woman who put a curse on a family in Plymouth! Sit back and enjoy this story based on incidents that happened when Plymouth was in it's early days.

Storytelling Residencies! Build A Story for PreK thru 3rd  Storytelling to Writing 4th and Up
                                             Andrea is a teaching artist for Young Audiences of Massachusetts

Award winning residencies. Andrea works with groups of all ages to bring forth the stories within. Her unique style builds students self confidence , boosts vocabulary and literacy skills.

Writing residencies Andrea works with students in grades three and up in small groups to develop creative writing skills.Her methods are unique and inspire students love of writing. Teachers are always amazed to see uninspired students suddenly become inspired and enthusiastic writers.
Note: Residencies for storytelling and writing may be combined.

Reality Speaks Teens Thru Adult
Tales that Stand the Test of Time
Learn to tell a great personal narrative with practice at an open mic.
This is a  workshop on finding a story from your life experience with coaching and pointers on performance. Storytelling is a whole performance art unto itself.

Story Slam Workshops Adults (teens welcome)
How to Tell Tell A Kickbutt 5min Story
Come and enjoy a fun and thoughtful workshop to cultivate a story based on personal experience into a performance. This workshop is
a great introduction for beginner storytellers into the art-form of
storytelling. In this workshop you will begin to learn how storytelling differs from theater,stand up,or twisting balloons animals. You will explore the art of storytelling through guided sense memory,writing,performance,individual and group exercises.


Intergenerational residency

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Program received special recognition from the Mass. Cultural Council For Outstanding ProgramAn Intergenerational Storytelling Program partnering local veterans with students-A two part program
A) a veteran of foreign of war meets with students and shares his/her stories

B)creative writing venture using storytelling sparks to integrate their story experience with veteran.
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Fun Stories from Andrea's life!
For Earlychildhood programs