Workshops and Residencies

Storytelling Residencies!
Award winning residencies. Andrea works with groups of all ages to bring forth the stories within. Her unique style builds students/adults self confidence , boosts vocabulary and literacy skills.

Writing residencies Andrea works with students in grades three and up in small groups to develop creative writing skills using storytelling as a pre-literacy tool transferring the rich language of the spoken narrative to the written page. Her methods are unique and inspire students love of writing. Teachers are always amazed to see uninspired students suddenly become inspired and enthusiastic writers.

Note: Residencies for storytelling and writing may be combined.

High School Through Adult
Tales that Stand the Test of Time(the 5 min. narrative)
High school students thru adult.
workshop on finding a story from your life experience with coaching and pointers on performance. Storytelling is a whole performance art unto itself.

In this workshop participants will begin to learn how storytelling differs from theater , stand up and how to mine your life experience to craft a story.

How to Tell A Five Min. Kickbutt Story
This is a workshop to help people craft personal narratives.

Inter-generational residency

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Program received special recognition from the Mass. Cultural Council For Outstanding ProgramAn Intergenerational Storytelling Program partnering local veterans with students-A two part program
A) a veteran of foreign of war meets with students and shares his/her stories

B)creative writing venture using storytelling sparks to integrate their story experience with veteran.
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