Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Overview of Programs

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Programs Include the Following;

Quick Overview(For more in depth descriptions of programs, click below

For Earlychildhood programs

Nature based stories
Butterflies, rainforests,tales of hibrenation
curriculum based in science
check out my early childhood page for more detail
suggested ages prek-through 3rd grade

Stories of Ecology
Stories of our environment and how
we can work together to protect our home.
All Ages

Folktales From Around the World
Folktales told with an apprecition for
customs,traditions and diversity.
All ages

Seasonal Stories

Stories to suit every season and holiday
All Ages

Historic Stories

Legends and Myths
Classic stories from around the world
2nd grade and up

Folktales From America's Borders
Stories from Mexico, Canada and United States
All Ages

Heroes and Heroines

Stories of strong role models both young
and old,fictional and non fictional characters.
All Ages

Stories of Immigration
Mary O'Keefe leaves behind family and
the country she loves to find streeets paved with gold.
Grade School

Rainforest Tales
Tales from the worlds rainforests
All Ages

"Dog Tag's" Oral History Programs
Click below for Program Descriptions

The Dynamic Dual Andrea Lovett and Bob Reiser's "Tale Catchers"

Birthday Parties

NEW!"Tales From The Table", a series of stories for 12 thru Adult

Review of Andrea's first CD:"Folktales From the Forest"Andrea Lovett's, CD, FOLKTALES FROM THE FOREST, crouches and leaps like a tiger. Or a frog. Andrea's stories are full of surprise, charm and fun. In one of her stories, she's joined by Bob Reiser, also one of the funniest storytellers I've every heard. If you and the family are headed somewhere, take Andrea along. Jay O'Callahan

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